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The mission of the "Bay Area Women of Color BDSM Photo Project"  is to expand the aesthetic and cultural perception of the BDSM community by promoting artistically tasteful photographic images of Women of Color in BDSM.

We are bringing Women of Color together with photographers to facilitate the creation of images that demonstrate our strength, beauty and diversity.

Woman of Color in the BDSM community are not coming forward for a variety of reasons, but chief amongst these is the fact that the images most commonly presented are of people unlike themselves. If Women of Color could see other Women of Color participating and playing, they would feel included and acknowledged. This is an essential element in outreach for the BDSM community.

Images have the power to shape our consciousness. These images will represent diversity within our community and demonstrate our lifestyle in a positive and exciting manner.

By encouraging and facilitating the interest and participation of photographers there will be a higher quantity of high quality images of Women of Color represented in alternative media and art.

I have a personal interest in Photography: On the modeling side actually.  I like being depicted in ways that show my strength, my body, my senuality, and my intellect as a strong-minded Woman of Color. I have been working closely with a good friend of mine (and Fetish Photographer) by the name of ANDREW MORGAN, professional photographer.  Together we have discussed this issue and come to the conclusion that there are very few images anywhere to be seen that depict Women of Color actively engaged in the BDSM scene.  
In September 2003 Mr. Morgan and I started a project and had our first photo shoot, which we call the Bay Area Women of Color BDSM Photo Project. Its goal is to produce high quality photographs of Women of Color, which depicts women in interesting and artistic ways.   We would like there to be more images available in the community that can be used to promote the concept of ethnic diversity, and encourage more Women of Color to emerge.   Additionally in 2005, Ms. Xeres, joined our efforts as our Project Coordinator www.mistressxeres.com   Also, MS. VON LIVID is our new Creative Director www.agentfetish.com/.   The women (one man prop. model) who have graciously modeled for us exemplify Ethnic Diversity within the BDSM WOC community ranging from: Femme, Sub, Domme, Daddy Dyke, Daddy Dyke Divas, Butch Dyke, Femme Dyke, Leather Dyke, Lesbian, Pansexual, Bi-Sexual, Heterosexual and various body types.

The City and County of San Francisco Certificate of Honor
Presented to Bay Area Women of Color BDSM Photo Project July 23, 2005
Whereas, on behalf of the City and County of San Francisco, I am pleased to recognize and honor the Bay Area Women of Color BDSM Photo Project for expanding the San Franciscan spirit of lifestyle acceptance. The artwork presented by the Bay Area Women of Color BDSM Photo Project most certainly promotes concepts of ethnic diverstiy that San Francisco strives to Champion. Congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors! Therefore, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City and County of San Francisco to be affixed.
Gavin Newsom, Mayor

The Bay Area WOMEN OF COLOR BDSM Photo Project is a volunteer community lifestyle Photo and Educational project started by Ms. Heart of San Francisco and photographed by Andrew Morgan, Photo Project Manager.   These free photos are available to upload on other sites that honor Women of Color and our lifestyle diversity in the Bay Area and abroad.   If you are interested in uploading them to additional FREE sites, let me know so we can link to your site or For Gallery Exhibition and outreach opportunities for the WOC, please contact MS. XERES, Project Coordinator make sure they put "WOC" or "Women of Color" in the s ubject line.   Also, MS. VON LIVID is our new Creative Director www.agentfetish.com/.   Contact her at:      We are also available for lectures/panels and interviews as well as inviting new models and photographers to participate in the project. Sponsors can also contact us.Contact:
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