Ms. Heart - Lifestyle Instructor, Community Activist & Professional Model.
Offering Artistic, Elegant & Sensual BDSM - Oakland & San Francisco, CA


Please send me your modeling proposal via email and leave your telephone number. I don't do any XX photography/videos.
   Put "Modeling Booking" in the Subject Line.


If you are are a Novice are new the scene and need to a personal instructor please contact me with an introduction.   Outline what type of instruction you are intersted in and when are are able to start instruction. I will consider novices who are mature, have excellent time mgmt. skills, educated and have the ability to think critically.  All instruction is conducted in-person.

CONSULTATION:    If you are "not ready" for a session and wish to ask BDSM questions, I will grant a Consultation at a reduced hourly rate. My consultations take place a upscale restaurant that you will be required to pay for in addition to the consultation fee.

SESSIONS:  Before contacting me, I expect you to have read all of the information on this site carefully Home. You should have a good idea of who I am, what I do, and OUR potential compatibility.  Be prepared to honestly communicate your interests, offer a BDSM related introduction and nice picture (No XX photos).

I am very Selective in offering appointments.    You must offer a polite BDSM introduction, reference and tell me a bit about your personal none-BDSM professional skills and talents, your experience level plus why you your think we are a good match and why you wish to session with me.    I am ONLY seeking to session with a complete person (NOT just your BDSM desires) who can bring their heart and spirit to the session.  All of my limited and Selective sessions will take place in a private, fully equipped, clean, safe and Professional modern loft style "Purple Lotus" (near MacArthur BART) and in at the "Inner Santum" in San Francisco at a Victorian Style redesigned space. No same day appointments.

Initial Contact:   Initial contact is done by E-Mail.  (READ What I offer first: Subs & Novices)   & Offer a BDSM related introduction and recent photo (no XX Photos).    Once I have received it I will send you a telephone number for your brief (4-5 minutes) telephone interview to set up the appointment.  Put Appointment Requested in the Subject Line.

STEP 1: Your email should include the following information:
  1. Tell me your prior BDSM experience, a BDSM reference, and your telephone number, and a G-Rated tasteful pic (No XX photos).
  2. What you want to accomplish in OUR session
  3. The dates and times you are available for a session appointment (I do not book late evenings).
  4. Your interests and fetishes and why you feel that I am a good fit for you.
  5. Your professional skills & talents i.e. computer wise, finance, healer etc.
  6. Any physical limits, psychological limits, health issues and allergies
  7. Play Limits and preferences
  8. Your play name
  9. Safe-word
  10. Your telephone number with the best times to call you back during the day or early evening.
  11. References for an appointment: Whom have you played with before? If you belong to another Domme/Dom? If so, you must have permission to play with me. I would need the telephone number or website of the PRO-domme/dom. All I need to know is that you are dependable and will show up for your first appointment.
STEP 2:  After I grant an appointment I will inform you of your Total Donation plus a $50- per hour dungeon rental rate.
In order to hold your first appointment you may pay prepay with a $50- deposite in two possible ways:
  1. ON-LINE Payment: Contact me for link and account number or
  2. Drop-in or call-in a $50.00 Gift Certificate in my name at Stormy Leather SF, CA 415-626-1672 or Madame S. SF, CA 415-863-9447
STEP 3:  If an appointment is granted you are required to call 24 hours prior to the date of your scheduled appointment to confirm. We will discuss the TRIBUTE at that time. On the day of your appointment you will be required to call 2 hours prior to your appointment. I will give you the play space location then.

Pre-session info:
It is important that you be on time. Dress elegantly & have excellent personal hygeine (not fetish wear) for your appointment.
No drugs or drinking prior to your session. Please be properly hydrated, fed, rested, good health, bring a towel for sitting and your favorite collar. DO NOT SMOKE, DO ANY DRUGS or CONSUME ALCOHOL PRIOR TO YOUR SESSION!

Volunteer at one of my WOC events for a few hours see our WOC Events Page. Also, I am very active in the community, so depending on my schedule you may meet with me in person for a short interview at at an event, or at a local Munch.  you pay for our food, have a quick bite to eat with kinky minded people at a local restaurant & chat and see for yourself.  I am at Folsom Street Fair ($3.00 to get in donation) every year, so you could arrange to meet me there.

NOTE:    GIFTGIVING is NOT required for general meeting purposes, but you may make an offering and creative presentation as part of your "Gift Giving Training."

  • Mail to:   Heart Cards    PO Box 14752  San Francisco, CA 94114
  • Put your return address on the package.
  • Do not put any BDSM related references on the package.
  • Email [email protected] and let me know that it has been sent.

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