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SESSIONS:   I am very Selective and will only consider submissives that offer a "Proper" introduction and a Domme reference.   My ideal submissive is a generous male or female who has skills and Professional talents that intrigue me and offer a sincere BDSM introduction and Non BDSM introduction.    The majority of my repeat players are confident, worldly, accomplished, Established Professionals (CEOs, PHD, White Collar, MENSA types), with a sincere interest in the BDSM arts.    I use a Private professional Dungeon Space in San Francisco (near 16th St, BART - Victorian Style redesigned intimate space) & Oakland (Near MacArthur BART - NEW Equipment two level Large Modern Loft)

CONSULTATION:  If you are not ready for a session and wish to ask BDSM questions, I will grant a Consultation at a reduced hourly rate.  My consultations take place a upscale restaurant that you will be required to pay for in addition to the consultation fee.
If I am impressed with you and the is an Energetic Connection I will grant you a session date, The "first" introductory session lasts One hour and a half. after-care considerations and conversation via the phone for 15 minutes or so.    If I am intrigued by you during our time together it might go longer.  If you "Top From Below" or have bad Energy during our session, I will end the session the spot without a refund!!!

1.  SESSIONS:  I am very Selective and will only consider submissives that offer a "Proper" introduction and a Domme reference.    You must offer an impressive and polite BDSM introduction and tell me a bit about your personal none-BDSM professional skills and talents, your experience level plus why you your think we are a good match and why you wish to session with me.    VIEW THE VIDEO OF MY ACTIVITIES So You may play with me on a Tribute basis after you make Contact. My ideal submissive is a generous male or female who has skills and Professional talents that intrigue me and offer a sincere BDSM introduction and non BDSM introduction.    I rent professional dungeon spaces in San Francisco & Oakland so all appointments Must be by advanced notice.    My style is elegant, ritualistic and can range from light to severe. I am Strict with very high standards, yet a Compassionate Sadist seeking a "Power Exchange" with my submissive who are able to offer a "proper" Tribute (men/women/pansexual)."
2.  COMMUNITY SERVICE:  If you are inspired by community service you may engage in my second level of service to me, the larger community and my Women of Color Bay Area Women of Color BDSM Photo Project and or the community.  There are NO time restrictions and you can offer your service per your availability.
3.   FORMAL TRAINING:    After you complete the second step to atl leaset 3-6 month, you will have the option to sign sign a contract per our negiotiations (monthly basis or 6 mos. etc.).   you will go over your weekly devotions to me, learn my various behavior protocals, I will give the a study guide, we will have weekly training meetings in person and homework consisting of reading & internet research, weekly emailing of your homework key points from your lesson plan, I will give you online and in person (other subs and dommes) to help you and talk to you about training, assign classes for you to attend, you will learn four ritualistic submissive postures, verbal, emotional awareness training, retraining and etc.

I am networked with other Top Knotch Professional Dommes internationally and locally that have been a great support for me and have and currently mentor me so that I can be a better Domina for you and the community. The learning process Never ends no matter what level of excellence you are in life. You are expected to have resources to support the WOC project and some of my persoal basic needs.  Successful training ultimately leads to a permanent Personal Submissive Assistant to me and the Women of Color BDSM Photo Project that I manage.


NOTE:    GIFTGIVING is NOT required for general meeting purposes, but you may make an offering and creative presentation as part of your "Gift Giving Training."

*Have done personal self-help work on self
*Has high Self Esteem
*Emotionally Mature
*Personal Hygiene

*Excellent Communication Style
*Takes responsibility for their personal life
*Honors their committments & contracts
*Has a open mind and is humble with grace
*Elegant Dress
*Professionally Talented
*Mutual discretion
*Ability to learn quickly

Servitude Requires Acceptance, Training and Awareness
Newcomers to the Lifestyle, revitalize yourselves and come with me on a life altering journey of paleolithic primal beginnings.   Your primal urges can be fulfilled in a healthy, shameless and safe environment with me.   Come and allow me to heighten and transform your senses, touch your BDSM soul and shift your mind.

The Submissive personae exits within us in various ways and now you can enjoy the magic of allowing me guide you on a journey of submission. The submissive character does not always surface, but now you can allow yourself to do so with me.

BDSM Submission will give you permission to act in ways that are safe, sane and consensual, build healthy adventures and renew your personal realities.    Be HONEST with yourself and take away the shame.    This can transform old personal issues or strengthen your life in many ways yet to be discovered.

All my attention will be on you, and only you.    You will look into my eyes, connect with creation, have fun and allow yourself to connect in a deep way in our ongoing BDSM encounters.

I specialize in after care and offer extra training for committed novices and subs.   I will make recommendation for classes, which on-line groups to join, community events to check out, books to read and what to watch out for.

Prior to contacting me you really might want to educate yourself:
  • Consensual Sadomasochism by Sybil Holiday & William A. Henkin (My official training book)
  • Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual by Christina Abernathy (My official training book)
  • Training with Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners by Christina Abernathy (My official training book)
  • Bottoming by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy
  • BDSM 101:  A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman
  • Books, mail-order and research QualitySM/QSM
  • Researh, orientations, classes, munch lists Society of Janis
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