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JEFF COMPASSO - Copyright 2005

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JEFF COMPASSO Copyright 2005- Models: Ms. Heart & Women of Color Photo 2005 Women of Color Photo 05 Model: Ms. Chun Jae-Min
Model: Ms. Chun Jae-Min
JEFF COMPASSO copyright 2005 Model: Ms. Chun Jae-Min
JEFF COMPASSO copyright 2005- Women of Color Photo COPYRIGHT 2005 - Model: Ms. Chun Jae-Min
Models: Ms. Chun Jae-Min & Ms. Heart
JEFF COMPASSO copyright 2005 Women of Color Photo Copyright 2005 model: Ms. Chun Jae-Min & Ms. Heart

JEFF COMPASSO Copyright 2005- Women of Color Photo COPYRIGHT 2005 - Model: Ms. Chun Jae-Min JEFF COMPASSO -Copyright 2005 - Women of Color Photo COPYRIGHT 205 - Model: Ms. Chun Jae-Min
In 2000, I took my darkroom equipment out of the attic and set it up for the first time since high school. I set up a studio and
started looking for nude models. A couple of weeks later, I was in the darkroom printing up 8x10ís from my first nude shoot when
it hit me -- this is what I was meant to do! Since then I have not looked back. To improve my darkroom skills and to take the plunge
into the new world of digital photography, I then took several courses at Santa Monica College, which has an excellent
photography department.

Whatís my vision? I find that my work has been influenced by the work of many photographers. The three most influential being
Herb Ritts, Tom Bianchi and Jeff Palmer. The genius of their work is a source of continual inspiration to me.

In my photography I attempt to use just enough light to capture the beauty of a modelís form, and just enough shadow to leave
some mystery. I donít succeed with every shot, but I sure enjoy trying.

Working with nude models can be both challenging and rewarding. For some, shedding oneís clothing for the camera is a
proposition fraught with inner conflict. For others, it is a thoroughly liberating and even arousing experience. I
take a very relaxed approach to my shoots and try to make my models feel as comfortable and confident as possible.
I have had some my best results from first time models who are as excited about making beautiful photos as I am. It is
very rewarding to me to be able to capture a beautiful shot of someone and see their elated reaction to the print.

When I am not shooting the human form, I enjoy shooting other wonders of nature. Plants and flowers are endless sources of
inspiration for me, as are animals. In the last year, I have also discovered a very rewarding and inspirational new subject
matter - pets and their people! It can be very challenging, but it is always very rewarding to capture the special bond
between pets and their people.

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available to upload on other sites that honor Women of Color and our lifestyle diversity in the Bay Area and abroad.  
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